Join the Business Club for Collaborative Growth

Welcome to the Business Club, where we connect and collaborate to foster growth and success.

Initiative for the establishment of a Business Club is an ambitious goal of business leaders in Kosova. During the year 2022, as an effort to enhance collaboration between Kosovar businesses and the diaspora, this idea has begun to materialize and be implemented. The Club has identified founding members who will serve as its main pillars and the highest decision-making body. We aim to be a business organization with a central role in the business world in Kosova and the main address for cooperation between Kosovar businesses and global ones.


One of the main goals of the Business Club is to deepen continuous collaboration between Kosovar businesses and global ones, and to create the necessary spaces for increased business engagement. This includes activities such as lobbying, gathering information, research, and setting industry standards. Member companies will have the opportunity to pursue their goals in a wide range of areas through the Business Club, from regulatory issues to research and improving the industry’s image.


The Business Club aims to ensure and promote private sector collaboration with the goal of economic activity growth, international cooperation, contribution, and advocacy for a well-functioning market economy. Additionally, it aims to offer training and education to improve the success of each member’s business, create an encouraging atmosphere for members to do business among themselves and with other European countries, exchanging knowledge, networking, and participating in B2B meetings.


The Business Club envisions increased collaboration between Kosovar businesses and global ones in the near future, in order to give the necessary attention and influence to the economic development in Kosova. The Business Club aims to become the leading and most powerful voice of the business community. Objectives of the Business Club:


Development We offer a variety of programs and resources to help you grow your business in Kosovo. Our founders have a wealth of experience in business and their insights can be incredibly valuable. We strive to identify and partner with innovative companies and ideas to further develop our network, and partnerships.


Our club is the perfect place to meet other professionals who share your interests and goals in Kosovo. We host regular networking events where you can connect with other business owners and executives, share ideas, and build valuable relationships with the local business community, including those six founding corporations.


Our club recognizes the accomplishments of its members and provides opportunities for members to showcase their achievements.


Our club offers a great access to a wealth of resources to help you grow your business in Kosovo. Our founding corporations bring a depth of resources and expertise to the club, which means you’ll have a wide range of support to draw from, including market research, legal and accounting advice, and more.

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